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In 2018 Professor Vazquez was featured in the following video in collaboration with the Fleet Science Center in San Diego:
SIAM AN18, video of invited presentation:

Dr. Mariel Vazquez – Connections and Reconnections: A Link Between Mathematics, Physics, and DNA
Talk given at the 2017 National Math Festival in Washington, D.C.

What can you do with a Math Major? A question addressed by Monica Vazirani , Professor of Mathematics at UC Davis in “What Can I Do With My Major?” Blog. Gabriel Freund, graduate of UC Davis and researcher in the Arsuaga Vazquez lab weighs in on his experiences with research at the intersection of math and biology.
Animated GIF image that shows knots and links that occur within DNA and protein molecules

The California Aggie reports on the recent paper published in Scientific Reports .

UC Davis News reports on the recent paper published in Scientific Reports .


Here are the videos from our collaboration with Numberphile (funded by MSRI; research funded by NSF DMS1519375, NIH60420000, NSF DMS0920887)

National Math Festival – Join us in 2017!

Participation in the 2015 National Math Festival (the festival in 140 seconds)


Research videos

The following videos illustrate different packing problems.

This video was created by Brian Cruz for his Master’s Thesis. It represents a simulation performed with biologically motivated parameter values of DNA being packed into a Bacteriophage capsid.


These videos were created with Knotplot by Rob Scharein

Action of enzymes

The above video was published as supplementary data in Vazquez et al., 2005

The above video was published as supplementary data in Shimokawa et al., 2013.